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Worst Sites Ever

This page list some of the worst websites I've met here and there. The aim is not to repeat the same mistakes, although I find it difficult to, and make us laugh.

This site is a real abomination, rape of graphics and a slap for those who are not accustomed to the graphics on the web. The screenshot does not do exactly the idea, you need to take a ride on the site to realize what levels you can reach.

Judging from the HTML code has not been used an editing program web, or the meta tag "Generator" was removed. I can not find the program used to track even the animated gif gif in the comments. I will simply that the site does not provide for the use of cascading style sheets.

The above picture does not depict a screenshot of the site, portrays the whole site. In fact, the site is composed of only one index page. Wandering in the HTML source I have found that the only real link on the page is a link to the index.html page. Practically clicking on "Home page" redirected where you are already. There are other links to some sections of the site (not to other pages, but to other "id"). Too bad that the said sections do not exist. It is not necessary to speak of the combination of the layout and colors, true?

Apparently the blue cargo is a very popular color in the sites horrendous. What we mark today is a landing page that links 4 sites: a site of financial advice, a site of components for helicopters, a link to the index page of a site that does not exist (rehashing the URL you understand that they wanted to attach a support site for the buying and selling) and a football team. All these sites have in common? The owner. Apparently the company that deals with these four things is the same. By itself the four linked sites are well designed, two out of four using a design ready, the other two a custom design. Why this landing page is so ugly? We can start from the background color, only to end up talking about the missing images, or tags advised against. The tag "Generator" has been expertly removed, but it is clear to everyone that you are using Microsoft Word (Word automatically inserts the tags are easily recognizable within the HTML). I do not know if this is a problem in Microsoft Word, but certainly do not want to make a landing page so "beautiful".

--- Updating 25/12/2011:

I realize now that the homepage of that site has changed for the better.

Maybe someone saw the old landing page.

Revolting, true ... not dwell on the graphic does not exist, the most beautiful things we find in the HTML. Is opened and closed the tag "<html>" inside the body. Genes. The four icons at the bottom of page link to some sites always their conception. It 'fun to go visit them one by one.

What I present today is a site that has amazed me. The Studio Scivoletto is an important development office internet Sicilian, they have developed (to name a) the platform, a directory and an online showcase important for the world of B&B, perhaps the first resource for those looking for bed and breakfasts throughout Italy. The graphics of the sites of their creation is simple and clean, the code is just as clean and is often implemented javascript, use well the CSS and HTML if it were not for a few little mistakes would also be validated by W3C. I can understand that for their web agency wanted to keep on a "look" minimalist, but this seems a bit 'too much. The HTML source then it deserves to be seen: the huge tabellona with content. No style sheets and javascript nothing. What? They employed all the resources in their sites without leaving for the institutional?

This site is really hurt. A party does not use CSS to style (I think the lesser evil here), The site makes extensive use of frames and HTML snippets really obsolete. Not only is it non-standard (frame, table, nesting respected, etc..), but it is also ugly looking. All graphical elements are made so cheesy, lack of homogeneity in a choice of colors (if the choice of colors we can talk), the background depicts a beautiful photo definitely originally, but degraded and flanked, but the highlight is the html. Al metatag "description" corresponds to the following "value": "Create a menu frame and a frame footer. Hyperlinks in the menu frame are directed to the main frame.". I certainly found the site too bad if I had seen 10 years ago. Appreciable the attempt to develop the site in two languages, am a little surprised 'the fact that the site is the window of a hotel.

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  1. eheh.. thank you Reyboz! I can not wait to find new ones (I hope not, but I already know what will happen).

  2. Fuoristradaservice fa morire 🙂
    If I find them to you than others disagree, questa sezione va ampliata 🙂

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