CodeLobster PHP Edition: free PHP editor, Javascript, HTML, CSS

CodeLobster PHP Edition It is cutting edge software for working with web programming languages. It 'been around a long time and has many users. In this article, I'll tell you all you need to know to become familiar with this tool. With Codelobster can change files easily PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The function of highlight syntax along with suggestions for features, their parameters and tags make the experience of efficient coding. If your file has mixed content, You do not have to worry because the tool handles them easily. For example, if you add PHP code to an HTML template, Codelobster highlight accurately both written in PHP functions that HTML tags separately, allowing you to distinguish them. The same applies to the CSS or JavaScript code that is often contained in a HTML file. (more…)

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The 7 inviolable laws of the user interface

Today's article is the complete translation of the original article by Peter Vukovic appeared Blog 99designs. Be un web designer? Se sì, then you also projects user interfaces, a specialization that will continue to grow in importance over time. While today's web pages have simple interfaces, which usually does not include more than one menu navigation and a contact form, the development of new technologies and standards in the near future will demand more and more dynamic content and experiences custom navigation. (more…)

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TinEye searches for images equal

Oggi vi parlo di TinEye, a site of my recent discovery. Probably some of you already know, to me it was useful to check if my images were used by others. TinEye si occupa di indicizzare le immagini dell’intero web come fa un crawler e associa alle immagini Read more…

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Gmail: the notità of this “release”

This article is a translation of the post dated "10 August 2010" on '"Official Gmail blog". We are constantly attentive to the feedback of Gmail, and for some time in the first place between the demands there has been a better management of contacts. Users have requested a contact management easier, and specific improvements such as sort contacts by last name, keyboard shortcuts, special labels for phone numbers. So for about the popular initiative we are happy to announce that a revised version for Gmail contacts is in use just today. (more…)

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The function “auto-” di Google – Part II

Let's go back to laugh with the function "auto-" of Google. Today I wanted to try "techniques for shooting", but I was thrilled when I wrote "techniques to ". We can be assured of a little 'things. Italians are obsessed with sex: men have the inferiority complex, gives fail to procreate. (more…)

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Tutorial: create a Antipixel with Gimp

Today we create simple badge "antipixel" with Gimp. Perhaps not everyone knows about the "antipixel". Let's see if Wikipedia it lightens ideas:

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A 'antipixel, also called badge web, is a small image used on websites to promote web standards, the software used to create the site, or to indicate a specific content licensing. The logo image Powered by MediaWiki, on the Wikipedia website is an example of a badge web. (more…)

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Mount the remote FTP locally with “curlftpfs”

Today is a little advice to use the 'FTP in a very simple way. Curlftps usually is not automatically installed in major distributions, although this can be easily found in repository. As always, the installation instructions are the usual: "yum -y install curlftpfs" to Red Hat, and "apt-get install curlftpfs" to Debian. Furthermore curlftpfs is a program command line, to my knowledge has not been created yet gui, despite this, the operation is simple and I will not go into explanations: (more…)

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