Tutorial: play with gradients Gimp

I gradients are a tool that beginners often ignorant of graphics tend to neglect because “difficult“. In reality, the gradients are a part fundamental graphics software, without it would be more complex to create shades and glows. In this article we have fun playing with some of the gradients default Gimp, we will see that they are simple to use and can help us to create simple, but effective effects.

Here are some pre-defined gradients of Gimp. It is enough to set the gradient mode of “Radial“. (more…)

Some scripts for Gimp

Unfortunately Gimp not is still at the levels of its main competitor closed source. This somewhat’ I regret, and a powder’ pushes me to look for solutions that approach a suitable level. One of the most annoying differences between Gimp and PhotoShop the lack of import / export curves between the two programs. Gimp saves the curves in a format similar to’XML (as far as I know only readable by the Gimp, but standard), while the curves in PhotoShop save format “.asc” (a binary format readable only by PhotoShop and similar). The curves are one indispensable tool for every advanced user, but to this there is a small solution. (more…)

Linux4one: Skype su Acer Aspire One

TheAcer Aspire One (aka AspirOne) is, as has already been discussed, a high-performance netbook, supports the installation of GNU/Linux, which makes it much more powerful than it does Windows.

Skype also exists for GNU / Linux, and because the AspirOne integrates a microphone and a webcam would be interesting to see some settings for the adjustment of Skype sull'AspirOne. We begin to see how to optimally adjust the microphone volume by Skype. (more…)

Professionalism’ on the internet has some problems

Il Mio Alloggio Screenshot

The lack of professionalism on the internet leads to such sites

Today's post is a bit’ polemical, Usually I tend not to complain about what is, but sometimes intolerance leads me to utterances of this kind. Take it as “a comprehensive guide on what to avoid if you want to make a successful website

Just today in the office I read an e-mail titled “Fwd: Proposal for membership“. Just the fact that there was not even the decency to delete “Fwd:” makes me think, but supersedes and step to the content of the message that carry, hoping that the managers of the site that I bring this read my post: (more…)