Slow down a video “mencoder”, “ffmpeg” and “sox”

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Today we still talk about video editing command line, ffmpeg as well as we will see in broad terms how they work mencoder and sox: is the first part of the project “mplayer“, the second helps us in definition audio. The end result of this tutorial will be the original video (including audio) slowed. In short will last twice.

To begin with we must have a video format “mp4“. If we use our size differs ffmpeg by convertirlo. (more…)

Must have amp settings

Today we talk about electric guitar, indeed the optimal settings to get the sound as close as possible to that of the famous artists. Often we convince ourselves that for a sound “perfect” is necessary to have a multi-effect pedals, valvular, and a full rack, but it is often enough “play” a little with the equalizer amp. Read more…