We print posters at home with PosteRazor

Posterazor is a software open source (also available in Italian) for printing in series of most parts of the same photo.

In short PosteRazor takes a’raster image (because the work is to be well very large), the divided into multiple images A4 that will go to format a PDF. Once you have created PDF will be simple print, trim the edges unnecessary and glue the edges Useful.

But if it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, let alone a video. (more…)

Tutorial: da bitmap a SVG con Inkscape

Together with Gimp by image manipulation, e a Scribus for desktop publishing happens to me sometimes to adopt the use of Inkscape. Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, a program for the picture “screen”. It can be used in various fields, there are those who use it to draw company logos, or even for the illustrations of some books. Personally, I have many skills in this area, and I find that even a pencil and paper in many cases are the most expeditious (of course, from my point of view). More than anything else I Inkscape is useful for vectorization of raster images, I know that Inkscape provides several other functions and is a little’ simplistic to use it exclusively for this, but for now I have no other duties for him to perform.

Open Inkscape and import an image jpg: (more…)