Canon Club Italy asks for help

Today's article is different from others, but I feel I have to write. I have long subscribed to the community "Canon Club Italy", an amateur site where users have the opportunity to meet, commodity exchange, dispense advice and get information. The classic community, oriented to photography. Since the opening of the site to date, the owner and maintainer of the server has had several difficulties. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago

A small donation can not only be good

Today nothing technical, Wikipedia examine the case and expand the discussion to open source and communities. As is well known, Wikipedia does not present any type of advertising between its pages, even conveyed. This is a great advantage for the user, it translates into a disadvantage in terms of income for those who build Wikipedia. So how do you "stand" the entire property? Who pays the web space? The answer is simple: users of goodwill that, the hands of the credit card, decide to donate part of their wealth to philanthropic association of the same name, la Wikimedia Foundation. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago