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The bizarre requests in the graphics industry

For some time now I'm running in a variety of (and for "several" I mean "a myriad of") graphical ads in Itaila. More than the amount of ads, amaze me the skills required. Let's take a premise.

If I cook a cake it is important that at the end is as good as I had it in mind before you start cooking, regardless of the fact that I use an electric oven, o of the largest gas, or that bake in the sun of mid-August 3pm. Similarly if I decide to buy a pair of shoes to play tennis me I'll find comfortable, resistant, that meet certain characteristics ... no matter that I shop in a mall, in a shoe store or at the market.


Photoshop CS6 in Linux

Today is one of those thorny items that do not speak exclusively of open source software, but seek to bring business users to Linux and open source world in general. As you may have guessed from the title today install PhotoShop CS6 its Linux.

Obviously this blog is terraced AGAINST hacking. If you do not have a legal version, regularly purchased PhotoShop might as well change blog, because of the following do not apply in your case.


Lighting effects to images with Gimp and the pack “Lomo Light Leaks”

Today I report an interesting site from which I often take inspiration for the writing of my tutorials. The site is, and as you can easily guess from the name of the domain is a site full of resources for PhotoShop, usable for most of the cases even with Gimp.

Today we see the "Lomo Light Leaks" pack, a collection of effects to add to their photos to make them look old. In pratica si tratta di 71 different images with the effect "flare" or reflex lenses. To apply the effect to the picture you want, simply open the "Light Leak" as a new layer overlaid on the main and change the mode from "Usual" a "Screen". I also recommend you to resize the "Leak" to be applied to the size of the main image.


Il plugin Resynthesizer per Gimp

Who said that PhotoShop always comes before Gimp? The plugin we are talking about today was developed natively for Gimp, was then invented something similar to PhotoShop.

Maybe someone does not play the new plugin "Content aware filling" per PhotoShop. Well, "Resynthesizer" is an algorithm developed as a research project of the University 2001 subsequently led to plugin for Gimp long before that were created "Content aware filling". But let's start from the beginning. Start by saying that "Resynthesizer" is a plugin that fully automatic removes by selection the objects in the picture if placed on a plot, filling the space Missing the selection with the same color of the background, trying to keep the texture uniform. This plugin can be very useful for example if we were to touch up the photo of a sunset sky with a pole in the foreground.


The instrument “Simulate pressure” in Gimp

One of the tools that we often Coming from PhotoShop they miss is definitely the function "Simulate pressure".

To get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about take a look at the following screenshot of the above function in PhotoShop.


PSD Graphics, graphic resources

Today in the side menu you will find a new link of graphic resources. PSD Graphics.



PSD Graphics is a site Anglophone Amateur, which provides for free of Photoshop source files created by webmaster. The site is constantly updated, the use of the file, however, is limited to 'personal use. There is also a way to include graphics products Site buying a business license very economical (The 3EUR, 4The EUR 5EUR). [more]

The site is divided into few clear categories:

Files downloaded (in ".psd”) are native to PhotoShop, but can also be used with Gimp which recognizes the format ed to levels.

PSD Graphics is a rich site, the designer is very good and creates eye-catching graphics. Would recommend anyone to have a go.