Shutter, utility for screenshots

I often find myself coming to terms with the screenshot, especially when I write a tutorial, or when I write about a new program the little known. Until some time ago I used the utility to internal Gimp ("File" - "Create" - "Screenshot"), whose options allow you to choose to "photograph" whole screen, or window with the senza decorations, or to set a delay in the event that we "photograph" of menu in sistema. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago

8 WordPress plugin that will leave you more’ do without

In today's article we see some useful plugins for WordPress I have made my life easier in the composition of the blog. Obviously the list not describe, and omit some plugins as important as "Akismet" because they already exist by default to every WordPress installation (not because it is useful, but because its benefits are undeniable).

WP Super Cache

It is one of the plugins in my opinion the most useful ever created for WordPress. WP Super Cache on fast access to visitors pages, creates a file HTML cache from the page visited PHP actually decreasing the use of resources on the server. In this way we have a dual advantage: User load the page faster and the server save energy. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago