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LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP for production

Today we see how to set up our Linux box for the web production. What we need is Apache (il web server), MySQL (the database that will contain the data) and PHP (the interpreter for the dynamic language PHP). This configuration is exactly the same adopted by major server worldwide.

Some time ago there was a bit 'of confusion about which version of php use. It was just released php5 and was still using the version 4, for some commands backward compatibility has not been met and some scripts have stopped working. Fortunately php5 circulating for quite some time, and it is even completed the development of php4. There will be problems with large packages (wordpress, joomla and company).


An old PC, a distro GNU / Linux and have our internet point

Today's article is published after being here for a long time (that novembre 2009) one of the most read stories from my old domain:

Today we will see how to set up a GNU / Linux box as internet point in a simple and fast. Our requirements are very few: