LibreOffice from terminal: convert to PDF

With today's article we complete the article in the 31 May concerning the Printing from Client to Server, no drivers whatsoever. Perhaps not everyone knows that LibreOffice and OpenOffice integrate between their packages some commands from flipping through the terminal. These commands are identical for all operating systems (you, for Windows) and produce the same results. Among these we see today is the syntax for convert any file type through terminal opened with LibreOffice / OpenOffice in PDF.

The command for Linux is as follows: (more…)

Today's date on LibreOffice Calc

Today's article is simple and fast, and solves a question for LibreOffice Calc that I have recently put.

How to set up a Calc document so that every time you open the spreadsheet the date in one cell to automatically update to today's date?

The same operation is very simple with LibreOffice Writer: “Enter” – “Command field” – “Data”. In any reopening the file, the date is updated than today. (more…)

LibreOffice “Calc”: coloring alternate rows

When we have a small table (one or two pages maximum) give a color to the background of the rows alternately can be a procedure, although manual, fast enough. But what happens when we have a table to more 1.000 record? The method of copy paste quote manual may also be an acceptable solution, but unnecessarily lose a lot of time, then I started to look for a method that I did save some money and I found the Conditional Formatting.

The Conditional Formatting is nothing more than the imposition of the conditions to the spreadsheet. If the condition is satisfied there will be a consequence, if it is not satisfied with the result will be another. (more…)

LibreOffice “Calc”: define the first row of each page

LibreOffice is a suite of open source office for excellence, created by the project OpenOffice when it was bought (along with other products SUN Microsystems) the Oracle. “Calc” is one of the programs included in the suite LibreOffice, it is a spreadsheet. Today's article tries to make life easier for those who have the need to always have certain cells as a page header.

The header row included in Calc, reached by following the menu “Format” – “Page” – “Header row“- “Edit“, is basic and is explained in the screenshot taken from the program, below. (more…)