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Add a caption to the photo pop-up with CSS3

In today's tutorial we see how set the images of our site so that it appears to hover a caption at the bottom of the photo with fade-in effect / fade-out.

This technique makes use of some of the features implemented in the CSS3, the latest version. Unfortunately, not all browsers are still conformed to this specification, know that depending on the browser might not work. Newer browsers that support CSS3 are Firefox 4, Safari 5, Mobile Safari and Opera 10. Explore purtroppo do not support (apparently not even the next version: IE9), but however we will try not to forget IE users.


CSS: code dedicated to IE7 and IE8

After a long hiding in the field of articles devoted to the network, here we are talking about CSS and web. In today's article we look at some interesting hacks to join our CSS to fix bugs (and there are many) of Internet Explorer, version 7 and the following.