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Pandora: a plug-in for Gimp that categorically do not recommend

The review of today wants to be a rather severe criticism to the plug-in in object. Let us first see what it is.

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Pandora is one script for Gimp that helps to glue together multiple images to create a panorama.

Pandora can not find the common points to pictures automatically, but automates the most tedious part of the creation of the panorama: create an image sufficiently large in which load different images in separate layers, with initial space and Layer Masks.


Hugin and panoramas: some tips to start

I've read more than once, some comments of users dissatisfied Hugin because of some insurmountable rocks found during the operation of the program. Personally, I had some difficulties at the beginning (Hugin has so many options that you run the risk of getting lost), but after a few attempts the result is assured.