Buttons using only CSS

In today's article we see how to turn a simple form, with a button unformatted in an equally simple form with a formatted button. All colors, gradients and shadows will be “built” using the CSS rules for the version 3. These few simple rules are to take some’ con le Read more…

CSS: remove the border “a puntini” dei link

Estimated reading time: < 1 minuteIn today's article we see a simple CSS rule, already present in many CSS Reset. I'm talking about the property “outline”. If the regola “outline” do not set the browser will display a dotted box around each link clicked. The default setting is that because it is also thought to those who use the Tab key to navigate, and beading without any lose focus on that link no longer understand it happened. I'm also thinking of those who can not use the mouse to visual defect. By removing the beading renderesti the site inaccessible to them. (more…)

CSS: property “z-index”

Estimated reading time: 2 minutesToday we see an important property of CSS, Also inherited from the last version, i CSS3. I'm talking about (as you will be guessed from the title) property “z-index“.

The properties “height” and “width” impostarenno height and width, while “z-index” we need to move items into the third dimension of depth (the asse “The”). The third dimension is perpendicular to the screen and it will be easier to understand for those who know programs involving the use of levels.

Imagine the screen as a table on which lay some playing cards, in this way: (more…)

HTML: numbered list disordered

The advice today is fast and (hopefully) helpful. Sometimes I happen to write some articles divided into sections. Fin’ora non mi sono mai posto il problema di assegnare ad ogni sezione un numero progressivo (as is the case with the chapters). Today I raised the issue. Questa procedura Read more…