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The instrument “Simulate pressure” in Gimp

One of the tools that we often Coming from PhotoShop they miss is definitely the function "Simulate pressure".

To get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about take a look at the following screenshot of the above function in PhotoShop.


Tutorial: Perspective correction (the linee cadenti) with Gimp

Finished work

In this tutorial we deal with correct perspective a photo with Gimp. Often (especially in the narrow streets) having to take pictures of monuments or facades of tall buildings, having available a limited field for framing. It is clear that we will be closer to the monument over the photo will be "far" from axonometrically correct. The perspective correction is also called correction (or modification) the falling lines. This is because taking a picture up close to an architectural one gets the impression that the monument is falling backwards (architectural lines converge upwards.

What we will do today is "straighten" the lines of a facade, Gimp as well as we should have another couple of plugins: "MathMap" and "FX-Foundry".


Gimp: remove the “noise” from a photo with “Wavelet denoise”

For anyone involved in editing is always useful to have a tool for noise removal, and often the plugin integrated into Gimp does not return satisfactory results much.

Wavelet denoise This is a plugin for some time in registration plugin for a Gimp, a tool that deals with the noise removal satisfactorily (or at least in the most satisfactory of all the ones I've tried so far).