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Tutorial: Effect “macro” a panorama with Gimp

In today's tutorial we deal with a particular technique, that will make our curious photos. To macro photography (or more simply "macro") means the photograph of the small details to which the eye hardly pays attention. There will certainly have seen online, or in some magazines nature of some larger picture microscopic bugs, or all the classic photo 'compound eye Fly. Everything is imperceptible at first glance, but with a good goal "macro" you can also accurately distinguish the compound eye.

In today's tutorial, however, do not deal with macro photography, but the blur resulting from macro to reality. All fiction, nothing macros for today.


Tutorial: stained effect / burned with Gimp

The tutorial for today came a little 'by chance and a little' because I was trying another effect to apply to your photo. The final effect will be the staining of the picture (stains confused with burn marks) I think responding to reality, but let you judge users.

First open a photo you might pay at work. We'll turn it in a few easy steps.


Tutorial: simulate depth of field

In short tutorial for Gimp today we see how to simulate the depth of field in a photo. Often with modern compact digital cameras automatic settings focus is the subject that background, making everything clearly visible. This can result in a decrease of the charm of the picture. Today's tutorial shows how blurry the parts that make "the environment".

We begin to open up a nice picture (eye licensing) I'll take from the usual Flickr account. Now I use a landscape, but it can also work with individuals, the important thing is that there is the "outline".