Google Webfont: dentro la talpa WordPress

Today (after more than five months) I get to write on the blog. And back at breakneck speed with an article to 007 that will make your hair stand on end users WordPress.

I discovered today that the version in WordPress 3.8 (Today we are 4.0) has been enabled by default in the backend the Open Sans font. In fact I had already noticed little slow in loading the backend, but I thought it was due to the new “engine” ie WordPress, instead is due to direct inclusion of a branded Google webfont. (more…)

10 applications for Android that will leave you begging for mercy

I recently bought a cell phone Android, version 2.3.4 (fairly inexpensive), and I have also entered a world of applications for Android.

It must be said that there is a whole world unknown to those who still does not have a new generation mobile that allows the’installation of dedicated applications. The choice is really wide, and applications more or less useful enticed more and more those who now turns out for the first time. We go from complete inutility, to Games arcade, puzzle, puzzle, interactive, at office applications, to Navigators satellite, to diagnostic of the network and monitoring of resources on the device. (more…)

Working with Google docs, as if we were working in local

In today's article we see a little hack for access to our Google docs as if we were working in local. In practice “'ll mount” the cloud of our documents made available by Google to a local folder. We can browse between the files as locally, rename, move, copy, As if they were on our pc.

The software that will handle the sharing is called “google-docs-fs“, a small script in Python with API Fuse, available for Linux and Mac. (more…)

The keyword “(not provided)” in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool available to us free of charge thanks to Google. It offers a myriad of possibilities from the possibility of monitor access, to the frequency control with which a visitor returns to the site, the Click sections, the click less and also keywords that after the route to the site search.

Since Google has implemented SSL on users logged in, however,, appeared voice “(not provided)” in my statistics. At the beginning it was a very small percentage that I have not given due weight, after several years of operation, however,, I find the voice “not provided” to the 64,52%, now third among all research. (more…)

Enter a font “custom” by CSS, without upload

Today we see a useful tool made available by Google. For some time I have in two articles on the site custom font, but I never decided to finalize, and today I come up with custom font di Google. We start from the recent past to get to the, I like to do things backwards, and maybe in one of my future articles you will see how to include your custom fonts on web pages by uploading, or how to install OpenOffice on a Commodore 64.

The font that we take as an example is “Just another hand“, font un tipo “handwritten” that we could use for the security. (more…)

Other extensions for Firefox that will leave you begging for mercy

With this article termino (for now) the non-exhaustive list of plugins I use along with Firefox a, as they say in Mozilla, “better web experience“.

This article is the continuation of “Some extensions for Firefox that do not keep to wanting more“.


NetVideoHunter allows the download of flash videos in a simple and fast. It is activated by pressing the corresponding button on the right side of the status bar, A window will open that lists all flash movies of the current session. (more…)

CSS Sprites: the rollover with a single image using CSS

Let's talk about CSS. Today we see a technique has always been recommended for lighten pages and faster loading times (not for nothing has for years been used on the homepage of Google).

In short it is to include most of the navigation elements on the page within a single image file, then recall many times how much will prompt page thus avoiding uploading multiple images different. (more…)

Weather with Google API and PHP

Let's see now how to show on our site weather conditions, and possibly weather forecast using API di Google and PHP. This technique can be pointless most of the time if you handle for example a personal website, but it is certainly useful, for example for institutional sites, or tourist, or still for Hotels, i camping e the tourist facilities in bother. (more…)

Gmail: the notità of this “release”

This article is a translation of the post dated “10 August 2010” on '”Official Gmail blog“.

We are constantly attentive to the feedback of Gmail, and for some time in first place among the applications there has been a better management of contacts. Users have requested a contact management easier, and specific improvements such as sort contacts by last name, keyboard shortcuts, special labels for phone numbers. So for about popular initiative we are happy to announce that a revised version for Gmail contacts is in use just today. (more…)