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Tucan: il download manager per Megaupload e simili

The objective of Tucan is to provide a convenient graphical interface i downloaded the multipli per da Megaupload, Rapidshare, 4shared, Badongo and similar.

Directly from the site: "Tucan to experiment with a new experience to users discouraged by other methods of file sharing, as the p2p. “Tesseract OCR” - ed: OCR software used by Tucan - combined with the library in GDP, Tucan grants to solve any captcha without user intervention. Tucan also bears the expectations between the user download removing any hassle ".


Linux4one: project suspended indefinitely

It 'a few days ago the news of cessation of development activities for the distribution "Linux4One", based deployment ubuntu 8.04 (up to the latest release) optimized for netbook. It seemed that the version 2.0 was almost at its birth, but from what you read on the front page now l 'hardware of the most popular netbooks supported the major GNU / Linux distributions, also seems that the developers did not have more time to devote to the project.


Install the operating system via USB, with Unetbootin

Unetbootin is a software open source relatively recent, but surely mature. It is a single executable (the version for GNU/Linux) which ensure the execute permissions. The software in question is a normal USB stick a USB USB "Bootable". For operation are not necessary dependencies. Unetbootin uses qt4 statically linked, he does not need another.

As is clear from the screenshot below the operation is very simple. It choose a distribution (if we have the iso well, otherwise he proceeds to automatically download), you choose the mountpoint on which is mounted the exhibition USB mass storage and proceed with the installation.


A gui for “lshw”

Using GNU/Linux often we should be familiar with the terminal and in many cases this makes our lives easier, but is not always essential. The program we are dealing with in this article is "lshw-gui", an optional package for "lshw", the famous tool for the list hardware resources.


NoMachine NX, remote login

Many people Il logo della NoMachinereaders of the blog will know almost certainly VNC, the remote access software to display (the operare) the remote computer. Today, however, we are talking about NoMachine NX, software developed by NoMachine which deals with the "login" remote. Unlike VNC will not have the opportunity to see the operations performed by the user to remotely, but the possibility of either login as if we were a follower of the machine to which we link.


Alien will turn to “deb” in “rpm” and vice versa

Today we see a small handbook for the operation of "alien”, application that converts archives "deb"To Debian in “rpm"To RedHat, and vice versa. Clearly available only for GNU / Linux. Although it is a stable software and regularly updated, “alienshould not be used for the installation of packages important for the system. Alien offers an alternative if they do not exist compiled packages for your distribution, is not suitable to replace the system libraries.


Puredyne: A distribution for artists, by artists

I learned very little from a new distribution GNU / Linux live fully open source, basata su Ubuntu 9.10 and DebianLive completely oriented artistic production. Puredyne.


In recent years many projects "for multimedia"Based on GNU/Linux (to name a few among the best known: 64studio, UbuntuStudio), all with same characteristics. I would not want this project also became a huge Calderone in which thread each multimedia project, from 'image editor, to DAW, all’editor video. If it was that would lose much of its usefulness.

Soon a detailed review as it is tested, for now only a promising project, another promising project.