A gui for “lshw”

Using GNU / Linux it is often convenient for us to be familiar with the terminal and in many cases this makes our life easier, but it is not always essential. The program we are dealing with in this article is “lshw-gui“, an optional package for “lshw“, the famous tool for listing hardware resources. The program “lshw-gui” Read more…

NoMachine NX, remote login

Many blog readers will almost certainly be familiar with VNC, the remote access software to display (the operare) the remote computer. Today, however, we are talking about NoMachine NX, software developed by NoMachine which deals with the “login” remote. Unlike VNC we will not have the possibility to see the operations performed Read more…

Alien will turn to “deb” in “rpm” and vice versa

Estimated reading time: < 1 minuteToday we see a small handbook for the operation of "alien”, application that converts archives "deb"To Debian in “rpm"To RedHat, and vice versa. Clearly available only for GNU / Linux. Although it is a stable software and regularly updated, “alienshould not be used for the installation of packages important for the system. Alien offers an alternative if they do not exist compiled packages for your distribution, is not suitable to replace the system libraries. (more…)