Tutorial: board “newspaper” with Gimp

For some time, there is fashion to print the so-called “photobooks“, of books in carta lucida, hardcover inside enclose our digital photos printed directly on the pages. Usually the company that allows printing of photo book also releases graphic software very basic with which apply some effects all photo (the effects are very simple, ranging from clipart the feints adhesive tape). This technique may be in fact very useful in prints.

The initiative of the “Photobook” is fun, and may like, but the possibility of the effects made available are scarce. In today's tutorial we see how add a border to dots (type “newspaper” a few years ago) to a photo with Gimp. This is also a fundamental effect, but as we begin to see how these resources are created graphic. (more…)

Tutorial: create a puzzle from a photo with Gimp

In today's tutorial we will apply the’puzzle effect to a photo in a few simple steps using the integrated plug-in in Gimp.

First, choose a nice picture of a beautiful landscape. The following photo is a shot of the castle of Neuschwanstein, in southern Germany. I am the author of the shot, the photo is in the public domain, also for commercial. (more…)