There is a landscape portrait in the background of Windows XP?

It seemed right to celebrate the retirement of long-lived operating system from Microsoft so far with a post that reveals a curiosity. The urban legend that the photo would default on XP desktop has been taken directly from Bill Gates during a holiday in Switzerland. In fact, the authorship of the photos has always been recognized as the professional photographer Charles O'Rear, that eventually passed along a highway in California and was struck by the vision of a lush green hill with blue sky. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago

Tutorial: stained effect / burned with Gimp

The tutorial for today came a little 'by chance and a little' because I was trying another effect to apply to your photo. The final effect will be the staining of the picture (stains confused with burn marks) I think responding to reality, but let you judge users. First open a photo you might pay at work. We'll turn it in a few easy steps. (more…)

By TheJoe, ago