Tutorial: guard against unauthorized use of our photos with Gimp

In the previous article we mentioned the technique of quickly '”invisible watermark“, a technique that would allow us to prove paternity of a digital photograph. The operation (as already described) is simple. The underlying principle of all is to have a picturex” (my original photo I just have to keep) and create a pictureand” (the photo that contains the watermark invisible to circulate in internet). To prove to be the author of the photo just to compare a particular procedure by superimposing the two graphics immagni. Magically comparirà il watermark with our name and copyright information. (more…)

Tutorial: the paradox photo (the “Droste effect”) with Gimp and MathMap

Today's tutorial is a cross between photography, graphic and Mathematics. Photography because we start from a real photo, and a good photograph is the beginning of a good job, graphic because of the various tweaks that as we make any and Mathematics because the effect scomoderemo today follows strict mathematical rules, nothing is left to chance. For this tutorial we will use Gimp and its plugin MathMap. (more…)

Photography: techniques for the reduction of “Digital Noise”

In today's tutorial we talk about photography. How many times has it happened to take pictures, affect them on the display of the camera and see them in good condition, then download them on the computer and realize the presence of the noise in the picture.

The digital noise present in the photo is the deterioration which can range from small disturbance barely visible, the disturbo “a puntini” very annoying to see how we will see in the next image it shows how the quality of the image may change, changing the ISO. (more…)

Tutorial: highpass filter con Gimp

Today we talk about “Highpass filter“, a technique widely used in modern advertising to make “soft” images.

Obviously for all the work will adopt Gimp as a program for image manipulation.

This tutorial applies to entities, faces, views and, as we shall see, is perhaps the most widely used technique in magazines advertising.

In this tutorial we work on a subject. The image comes from Flickr. (more…)

Tutorial: golden effect on the water with Gimp

The wave of the tutorials for Gimp today, with a simple process but we'll see how effective “give” of warm colors to any photo with the instrument “Gradient Map“.

The knowledge base for this tutorial are minimal, it is enough to know the use of mode of the layer stacking.

Personally I think are most appropriate for this tutorial with pictures very sharp reflexes, use a photo without reflections is lawful, but the result will surely be different. We will use the following picture from Flickr. (more…)

Tutorial: simulate depth of field

In short tutorial for Gimp today we see how to simulate the depth of field in a photo. Often with modern compact digital cameras automatic settings focus is the subject that background, making everything clearly visible. This can result in a decrease of the charm of the picture. Today's tutorial shows how blurry the parts that make “the environment“.

We begin to open up a nice picture (eye licensing) I'll take from the usual Flickr account. Now I use a landscape, but it can also work with individuals, the important thing is that there is the “outline“. (more…)

Real HDR effect

HDR e ToneMapping

Often (and in a completely anarchic) is confusing, species su Flickr and similar platforms, the’HDR with the Tone Mapping. Start now by saying that the HDR (High Dinamic Range) is a technique used in photography that allows to have a uniform illumination of subjects and settings that would normally be darker or lighter. The example below is a very good explanation.

In this short article we analyze the practical differences between a vero HDR and an effect “Tone Mapping“.

And since we're talking about practice, to begin to get a HDR will be needed various photographs of a single entity in formato RAW, or in a more modest size (JPG) setting a different exposure on the camera. (more…)

Create a “badge” Flickr

Public now the translation of a very interesting article found a few days ago on how to create custom styles per le custom gallery di Flickr.

As many will know, Flickr is a social network to lovers of photography. People enrolled, upload photo, commented on foto and other gets feedback other to their photos. One of the great things about Flickr is the ability to specify licenses for your photos, but in this article we'll take care of '”export” images from a Flickr account on an external site. (more…)