Tutorial: Enlarge an image with little loss using Gimp

The tutorial Today is one of those simple tutorials that are exhausted in a passage. More than a tutorial would call advice useful to remember.

Let's say you have a picture medium / small, not suitable for printing, we want larger than twice. Until today I expanded work space with “Picture” – “Scale Image” and inserting the double values, but I just recently discovered a way to resize them in excess with a higher yield using G’MIC, the plugins that we had already discussed, that does it all.

Let's say you have a picture very small, 150×200 px. Of course we all know that is impossible to enlarge a small image without loss, and even this procedure is not without loss of information, on the other hand applies the small improvements to “simulate” magnification without loss. (more…)


Tutorial: create a piece of tape with Gimp

In today's tutorial we see how create a piece of tape, or gauze fabric from scratch with Gimp. A visualization that will always come in handy in the arrangement of the pictures, for example. In this tutorial, however, we'll only create the “piece of transparent tape“, obviously include it in its work is at your own graphics.

In Gimp create a new file with the default size. We create now a new level of 341 x 121 pixel, e lo fill with the corresponding color all'esadecimale “#dddddd“, a light gray. (more…)


Tutorial: blur “fogging lenses” with Gimp

Today's tutorial can be very useful for example for photo books of marriages, it is a very soft blur, l’effetto solitamente è utilizzato anche all’interno dei film per creare leffect flashback” Full of memories not.

We open a nice picture on which we are going to operate. I suggest a picture with subjects and background. In this tutorial I will use a photo that does not fit perfettamente all’effetto, however, the result is good. (more…)


Tutorial: Artistic silhouette with Gimp

Today we do something a little more artistic, starting from a photo we extract the outline of subject and background, then we apply the random color to obtain a unique.

It is clear to everyone that this tutorial is not a photo, but a very strong image manipulation.

The following photo is our starting point, and the next arrival. (more…)


Tutorial: red-eye removal with Gimp

In today's tutorial we remove the Red Eye, very common phenomenon in amateur photos and easy to deal with image editing software.

Unfortunately, the built-in plugin gimp “Filters” – “Improvement” – “Red-Eye Removal” is not very performant, or at least in my opinion not the expected results. Solitamente mi cimento nell’impresa con successo usando lo strumentoFencing / Burn.

All you need to do is dab the red zones an soft brush. In this tutorial I use the “Circle fuzzy 15 (17×17)“. (more…)


10 filters for Gimp you should know

In this article we'll cover some of the the most popular effects (I use most) for a variety of graphic works. Clearly this is a non-exhaustive list, filter after filter but perhaps we can do something interesting.

This list of filters just wants to be a overview of what you can easily do with Gimp. (more…)


Tutorial: Rounded letters with GIMP

On the net there are a wide range of are free and often can also be used for commercial purposes, and for "Vasta gamma"I mean that there is something for all tastes. What we will do today is "smooth edges"The letters written in arial with GIMP.

Create a new image, on which we write the text to be "round"With the tool"text”: (more…)