Tutorial: mosaic “a pallini” type 70 with Gimp

In today's tutorial we will see how to turn a colored photo in a pixel-art original, useful for creating large prints especially when the quality of the initial image will not let.

We begin with an image of your choice. For this tutorial I suggest colored images particularly because many of the details will be lost in the final result. (more…)


Tutorial: the paradox photo (the “Droste effect”) with Gimp and MathMap

Today's tutorial is a cross between photography, graphic and Mathematics. Photography because we start from a real photo, and a good photograph is the beginning of a good job, graphic because of the various tweaks that as we make any and Mathematics because the effect scomoderemo today follows strict mathematical rules, nothing is left to chance. For this tutorial we will use Gimp and its plugin MathMap. (more…)


Tutorial: Newsprint retro with Gimp

Today's tutorial is very fast because the effect is Gimp's native. Transform a RGB image in un’indexed image in two colors: white and Black. This conversion will give the image a starting effect “newspaper“.

First, we open an image that lends itself. In this tutorial I will use a landscape, despite the portraits lend themselves more. (more…)

Finished work

Tutorial: Perspective correction (the linee cadenti) with Gimp

In this tutorial we deal with correct perspective a photo with Gimp. Often (especially in the narrow streets) having to take pictures of monuments or facades of tall buildings, having available a limited field per l’inquadratura. It is clear that we will be closer to the monument over the photo will be “fardall’essere assonometricamente corretta. The perspective correction is also called correction (or modification) the falling lines. Questo perché scattando una foto da vicino ad un elemento architettonico si ha l’impressione che il monumento stia cadendo all’indietro (le linee architettoniche convergono verso l’alto.

What we will do today is “straighten” the lines of a facade, oltre a Gimp dovremo avere un’altro paio di plugin: “MathMap” and “FX-Foundry“. (more…)