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Change DNS to a different navigation

Today we talk about internet browsing, precisely di più server DNS. For those who do not know the DNS servers are responsible for the 'addressing of our request as a string (example "") to the server where the site exists physically. In practice dealing with "translate" a human-perceivable address into an IP address understandable by the computer.


The “Mauro Paravia” closed its doors

For some months now the news is official that the famous Mauro Paravia, one of the main dictionaries of the Italian language have closed its online election, coming out of each catalog. The decision was taken by motivating as a useless waste of resources the publication of the words online. They say they have not brought useful as l 'purchase a hardcover book.

It was first to predict user behavior. Who consults a dictionary online usually does not need an identical instrument and paper. This may not bring big profits construed as sales of the same paper tool, but having regard to access to the site they could come home, including the online advertising (De Mauro was I think the first, or between the first dictionaries to allow consultation directly online).