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Tutorial: flame text / smoke with Gimp

New tutorial for today. Today's tutorial is very simple, one of the first that I have followed, perhaps one of the most abused. To add an inscription l 'effect "fiery" o l'effect "smoke".

First we create a new image. Hundred of shape 640 x 480 pixel.


Tutorial: create a piece of tape with Gimp

In today's tutorial we see how create a piece of tape, or gauze fabric from scratch with Gimp. A visualization that will always come in handy in the arrangement of the pictures, for example. In this tutorial, however, we'll only create the "piece of transparent tape", obviously include it in its work is at your own graphics.

In Gimp create a new file with the default size. We create now a new level of 341 x 121 pixel, e lo fill with the corresponding color all'esadecimale "#dddddd", a light gray.