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LibreOffice “Calc”: define the first row of each page

LibreOffice is a suite of open source office for excellence, created by the project OpenOffice when it was bought (along with other products SUN Microsystems) the Oracle. "Calc" is one of the programs included in the suite LibreOffice, it is a spreadsheet. Today's article tries to make life easier for those who need to always have certain cells as a page header.

The header row included in Calc, reached by following the menu "Format" - "Page" - "Header row"- "Edit", is basic and is explained in the screenshot taken from the program, below.


Security: Choose a password

Keeping your data safe is important, on the web and the only obstacle that separates us from a criminal a strong password. Normally we consider a password of medium strength when a certain requirements which will then go to list. It is noted that following this step by step guide there is a possibility that the password is stolen, however,. Aside from reasons such as installing malware, could happen because the thief uses a network of supercomputer with a speed of calculation beyond expectation, but fortunately happens mainly in the field of industrial espionage.

Today's article is not intended to provide instructions to the professionals, but try to be a guide for the average user who does not want to be seen stealing personal information.


Photography: some basic principles

When we speak of "photography" not only talking about a vile mechanical process by which the light is captured by a sensor, turned in electrical pulses, salvata su una memory and made available to the vision. Of course we also talk about this, but especially of "composition", in a sense of "art".

For the success of a photo should be aware a few simple rules that if applied will give us the advantage of not having to transcend from the original photo in post production.


Pandora: a plug-in for Gimp that categorically do not recommend

The review of today wants to be a rather severe criticism to the plug-in in object. Let us first see what it is.

... the official site
Pandora is one script for Gimp that helps to glue together multiple images to create a panorama.

Pandora can not find the common points to pictures automatically, but automates the most tedious part of the creation of the panorama: create an image sufficiently large in which load different images in separate layers, with initial space and Layer Masks.


Ram virtually

For those who would like to have more ram, but not if you can afford to mount a virtual board.

sudo mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt -o size=1024m

And when you restart back to business as usual.


Linux4one: missing audio power

For those who have a Acer Aspire One (AspirOne for more) Linux4One with a board 'excellent guide taken from the support forum.

Linux4one is an excellent customization ubuntu, adapted to the Acer Aspire One, But things do not always work the first time. The guide we report below shows how to take effect audio changes power, so that each time you reboot the sound is as we left it.