HTML Purifier per “purify” HTML l'

Today we see a small program in PHP ready to use and is well suited to any of our web pages. It is HTML Purifier a common libreria PHP, that cleans up the HTML dates of the pages by removing all tag e i markup unnecessary, that often weigh down the page. Also makes the code of our pages secure (I'm thinking about dynamic sites: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc..) contrasting effectively XSS attacks (Cross-site scripting). For those who want to use HTML Purifier hand operation is more than obvious; downloaded and extracted the package we give write permissions the folder /HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer: (more…)

By TheJoe, ago

WordPress e phpBB insieme con WP-United

More than a month after the last item back to talk about WordPress (the well-known CMS voted to blog), this time how to integrate it with phpBB (the well-known manager of community, the forum manager). Today is just an informative article, unfortunately I have not had time to test the operation, the simplicity and reliability of the package. For now I just segnarlarne the existence. Recently I stumbled upon WP-United, a mod for phpBB3 that combines and integrates a blog WordPress and a forum phpBB. As far as I hear from user manual seems very easy to install, neither more nor less than a simple mod for phpBB. Installation is carried out in five easy steps: (more…)

By TheJoe, ago