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Tutorial: Newsprint retro with Gimp

Today's tutorial is very fast because the effect is Gimp's native. Transform a RGB image in a 'indexed image in two colors: white and Black. This conversion will give effect to an image and a "newspaper".

First open an image that lends. In this tutorial I will use a landscape, despite the portraits lend themselves more.


Monochrome printing with Gimp

It can happen sometimes having to make prints black and white of a color image. The most correct way (and certainly faster) against those who pass the file to be printed is already in Grayscale.

One of the most popular techniques is definitely the "desaturation" ("Colors" - "Desaturation"), which is still very useful if we are operating only on a level, but we want to desaturate the 'entire image. The steps will be few and simple, depart from this: