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When you say the case…

Maybe someone will remember article a few days ago their eating add a rainbow to a photo. Well, a few days later there was no need of manipulations. Congratulations the photographer.

The following two images. The second is undoubtedly better than the first.

Find its account Flickr qui.


Tutorial: add a rainbow to a photo with Gimp

The other day the light in the sky was pretty weird, the weather was very variable: half an hour of rain with peaks and relapses, and also sprazi of calm here and the. You do not always happen the good fortune to find a time like this, but a few days ago I happened. In these weather conditions it is not uncommon to be able to take a picture blacks with clouds in the background and the foreground in light, the clouds permit.

Today we see how apply a rainbow ad a photo. Of course you can use any photo, but specifically it is more truthful a picture with the sun behind us, and the background of the picture itself clouded.