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Install the operating system via USB, with Unetbootin

Unetbootin is a software open source relatively recent, but surely mature. It is a single executable (the version for GNU/Linux) which ensure the execute permissions. The software in question is a normal USB stick a USB USB "Bootable". For operation are not necessary dependencies. Unetbootin uses qt4 statically linked, he does not need another.

As is clear from the screenshot below the operation is very simple. It choose a distribution (if we have the iso well, otherwise he proceeds to automatically download), you choose the mountpoint on which is mounted the exhibition USB mass storage and proceed with the installation.


Linux4one: missing audio power

For those who have a Acer Aspire One (AspirOne for more) Linux4One with a board 'excellent guide taken from the support forum.

Linux4one is an excellent customization ubuntu, adapted to the Acer Aspire One, But things do not always work the first time. The guide we report below shows how to take effect audio changes power, so that each time you reboot the sound is as we left it.