Here are the rates in progress. The pages static content are modified by me based on the customer needs. For what concerns the dynamic content, created a 'proper infrastructure the customer will have the ability to change the pages of your site without having to ask my assistance.

The following prices are listed in consultative purposes only, to request a quote according to your personal needs send me a request.

All values ​​are expressed in euro (EUR).

WEB Content:

Static content (xhtml / css)
Additional static pages15,00each
Update existing page4,00each
Dynamic Content (only PHP)
Contact page20,00
CMS (*)180,00
News manager60,00
Video gallery80,00
Audio gallery80,00
Ancillary services
Website translation (en, fr)40,00page
Logo creation55,00
Logo revision20,00
Static banner30,00
Animated banner (gif)50,00
Animated banner (gif)130,00#3
Photo Editing8,00each
Site indexing70,00
Sign up for Google Analytics20,00

Paper and other material:

Paper (all texts provided by the customer)
Brochure (min.. 5 pages)180,00
Business Cards25,00
Event passes30,00

The costs listed above refer only to the graphics processing. The printing of paper material has variable costs depending on the order. Orders with different amounts, Different types of paper, sizes do increase or decrease the cost of printing. Costs of printing and shipping will be calculated separately. Contact to get a free quote.

The minimum configuration required for the “render” of the pages to dynamic content is a webserver Linux to interpret PHP. Is not covered by the framework

In all cases the pages created will be accessible according to the standards defined by Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the international body that deals with defining standard for proper display of the content on the majority of browsers in use, from textual ones to the most advanced.

* A CMS (Content Management System) is a web application that allows the user to dynamically generate pages without having to possess technical skills or computer skills. The most popular CMSs allow the addition of modules which photogallery, forum, voting systems, generation of statistics on access.

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