Collaborate actively in the translation of a variety of open source software. Among the most important I can quote:


This project was recently (November 2011) with the aim of providing a GUI to FFmpeg. The software allows you to adjust various settings without using the command line. Among the various parameters QWinFF allows you to convert videos between various formats, slow down or speed up the video. And it's’ available for Linux natively, and there is also a compiled version for Windows. More information at project page.


A project I work with for years, whose purpose is the tracking of your computer in case of theft. The software allows the tracking of your device (Linux PC, Mac o Windows, iPhone, Android device) via three possible configurations: on the web site ““, update email or upload to user space. The software, when properly installed and enabled, notifies the user some information to be able to log in “ssh” and save your data before it is eventually deleted, also keeps track of changed files, connections, in case the device has GPS antenna allows the precise location of the device, is able to make screenshots of your computer and takes pictures with the integrated camera (usandone or when a connected). And it's’ advanced software that always recommend when buying a new device, you never know what can happen. Also available in a mobile version for Android and iOS devices.


An innovative project, Adobe born at home under the MIT license and hosted on GitHub. It is a web editor entirely written in HTML, CSS e JavaScript. Very light, performance, extensible and “fresh”, in that it includes new features so far unexplored for faster writing code.