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Privacy is an important issue today, especially on the web. And 'my duty to ensure every user on how to stretch your personal data, for full transparency on my part.

What "race" This site is?

As you can read on page "policy" the site "" is not a commercial site. I do not sell my items, or sell the information that I gain from the navigation of my users. The data about the users' navigation are recorded through "Google Analytics" to statistical purposes only in order to improve the blog.

What data do I collect?

The data collected from various blogs are, and ranging from 'IP address, to screen resolution the visitor. Any data can be acquired via the navigation is recorded, understood thelocation in the network and the residence time within the site. Particular interest to me are the Keyword that lead to this blog and the sites which are linked. To get an idea of ​​the recorded data is present on Google an overview of their statistics service. Also I keep the data voluntarily provided by users to post comments and contact form. These data are used, as required by the Privacy Act, only the purpose of communication. It 'clear that using the data such as name and email address in a form mail you explicitly want to be contacted. The following objectives in detail.


The processing of personal data carried out solely for the following purposes:

  • provide the required services,
  • provide information and / or offers on products, services or initiatives promoted by, without entailing the transfer of data to third parties,
  • cooperate with the judicial authorities for purposes related to the prevention and suppression of criminal offenses.


The above-mentioned data are collected and stored on computer. The data processing is carried out in a lawful and proper manner, for specific, explicit and legitimate, not excessive for the purpose.


The disclosure of information is necessary for the performance of the services required; failure to provide, as well as providing partial or incorrect, has the effect of preventing the delivery of the service. You can still assert their rights as expressed by. 7the D.Lgs n.196/2003, by contacting the owner of the treatment by the appropriate form on the site, calling for the removal of your data from all storage media.

What if I do not want to be "surveyed"?

Unfortunately there is no sure way to not be registered by the web statistics. Most of the sites using a service Statistics internal or external, and ask me to remove one or more statistics would be impossible for me, inquanto I do not know your personal information of each user, but only (eg) the general location in the network (which may be the province, the area o l'area telefonica).

There is to say that WordPress (the platform with which "is built" this blog) does use cookies, small files that are stored within the cache of your browser to keep stored preferences user during navigation or the access data to avoid typing every time. Even in this case, the cookies are normally harmless and are used by the Most websites. It 'still possible (but not recommended) prevent storing losing much of the functionality of the blog. Each browser has its own preferences, to disable cookies need to be changed.

From 2017 this site It contains advertising (AdWords campaign). It is therefore possible to be shared with advertising channels some statistical information to offer such a service advertising geo-.