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Policy sui “cookie”

The purpose of this cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) It is to inform the user about the cookies used by the site


Cookies are small text files that are stored on users' devices (such as computers, smartphone, tablets, and any other device used to navigate) from websites that are accessed. They are stored in the hard disk of the computer, allowing websites to recognize you and store certain information about themselves. Cookies are used to operate the web site or to improve performance (eg, to store the currency, selected language, etc..) and to provide information to the website owners, usually for advertising purposes, statistics or customization.

Cookies are classified into the following categories:

First Party Cookies First-party cookies are installed and are directly managed by the user visited web site.
Third Party Cookies The third-party cookies are installed by third party sites visited by the user than. We are in the presence of a third party cookies when the user accesses a website and a third company send information via this web site.
technical Cookies Technical cookies are used only for the purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network or, the extent strictly necessary, the provider of an information society service where he received an explicit request to perform that service by the contracting party or user. Technical cookies are generally classified into one of three categories: Session cookies, analytical cookies or functionality.
Session Cookies They are temporarily stored and are deleted when the user closes the window.
analytical Cookies They are used to process statistical analysis of user navigation on the website and are collected anonymously and solely for statistical purposes (for example, the most frequently visited web pages).
feature Cookie They are used to recognize a user when he returns to visit a website, allow you to customize the content and to remember user preferences expressed (such as language or country selector). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user and the data is collected anonymously.
persistent Cookies They are stored in the user's device during the browsing session, allowing the site to remember user preferences expressed and the actions on the website.
social networks Cookies It is necessary to allow users of social networks interacting with the website. For example, these cookies are used to express appreciation on the part of users and enable them to share with their contacts on social networks. Cookies social networks are not necessary for navigation purposes.

profiling Cookies are designed to track the user's online behavior in order to offer personalized services (for example to provide personalized ads).

Cookies used by us

Below we provide a list of the main cookies used by our Services, with description and indication of their functionality, including duration.

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How to change your cookie settings

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to disable this setting. And it's’ You can block any type of cookie, or accept only get a few, and disable the remaining. However TheJoe reminding you that disabling cookies or functional navigation cookies can impair the function of the Website and / or limit the supply of services. Please note that you can manually remove cookies stored in your device. The following list provides the information needed to manage cookies through your browser:



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TheJoe reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, change, add or remove portions of this Cookie Policy at any time. The user is invited to regularly check this page in order to check for any changes to this Cookies Policy. Your continued use of our Services following the posting of changes to it implies acceptance Cookie Policy.