11 things to know to optimize your site on Yandex

Yandex is the most popular search engine ever. With its market share is around 62% It is a power in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Google is still a power in Russia, but if you advertise or sell in Russia you should first optimize for Yandex, then for Google.

Yandex has many requirements that differ from other search engines. This aspect makes Yandex one of the most popular search engines with which to optimize because it is different than the material from which the SEO professionals tend to work every day. (more…)


WordPress: migrate from one sub-directory to the root

L’articolo di oggi è un potecnico, I had to delve into some trends that I was too light for some trouble when I installed WordPress combined (the engine of this blog) su

Here below the steps Blog with WordPress support to spostare una installazione esistente di WordPress dall’interno di una cartella, the root domain. As in my case it was installed in WordPress ““, the file index.php in the root directory instead was a simple redirect 301 alla directory “/wordpress“. (more…)


The keyword “(not provided)” in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool available to us free of charge thanks to Google. It offers a myriad of possibilities from the possibility of monitor access, to the frequency control with which a visitor returns to the site, the Click sections, the click less and also keywords that after the route to the site search.

Since Google has implemented SSL on users logged in, however,, appeared voice “(not provided)” in my statistics. At the beginning it was a very small percentage that I have not given due weight, after several years of operation, however,, I find the voice “not provided” to the 64,52%, now third among all research. (more…)


Use the file “.htaccess” per bloccare l’hotlinking

broken_link.jpg We continue to talk about ".htaccess”, Today we see how block hotlink to images that reside on our server.

Yesterday we talked about as to prohibit access to our images from external sites (as often happens with forum the amateur sites), that do nothing but increase the use of the band, reducing the resources of our server. In the case of yesterday, the user will see the symbol of missing image, those who try to connect directly to the site I get the error "403 Forbidden”.

Today we want to have fun instead. Would not it be funny if the user instead of seeing the image missing seeing another image that urges him to do not link from our server? This time we will create a file ".htaccess"Directly in the images directory. And 'possible to create more ".htaccess"On a server. If you can create one for each directory. Let's see how it will be our for images: (more…)