NoMachine NX, remote login

Many people Il logo della NoMachinereaders of the blog will know almost certainly VNC, the remote access software to display (the operare) the remote computer. Today, however, we are talking about NoMachine NX, software developed by NoMachine which deals with the “login” remote. A differenza di VNC non avremo la possibilità di vedere le operazioni eseguite dall’utente in remoto, ma la possibilità di loggarci come se fossimo un’utente della macchina a cui ci colleghiamo. (more…) su “VHosting service”

logo.jpgFor some time I administer some sites on the platform Aruba, I've always been excited to Aruba because of the many services offered at a very low cost compared to the competition. Soon I got tired of just standard services offered by Aruba, Platform for administrative accounts (Windows server), customer service almost non-existent and the interminable number of panels in which you can enter your own data (there are at least three). At this point I decided to switch to VHosting, but it is known: "Who let the old way for the new, knows what he's lost and does not know what is ". Let's see what I missed and what I found: (more…)

Google Buzz, What is?

Da ieri per tutti gli utenti Gmail è attivo il servizio “Google Buzz”, yet another social network. We can say that Google, rimasta un po’ indietro sul lato “social” rispetto a Facebook o Twitter, has created its own platform for sharing content. C’è da dire che le differenze Read more…

Linux4one, dedicated distribution

Today we see an overview of Linux4one, a distribution based on LTS of Ubuntu optimized for the hardware of 'Acer Aspire One e netbook simili.


Linux4one developed in two versions: Full and Light. The version Full contains much of the official Ubuntu software, and includes the interface Gnome Netbook Remix"Developed by the same Canonical. In the version Light, it is present in Desktop Environment XFCE and much less software, in practice only what you need to shipping, chat and writing small documents. Both versions are optimized for reduce to a minimum the time expectation, both as regards the boot, as regards both the normal operation of netbook. (more…)

“Prey” for your laptop

In the previous post we have already talked about how important it is to maintain a certain amount of security on your PC, especially if there are within sensitive data the Personal Information we do not want to disclose.

As already said Prey is the best program that I have been able to find among the programs for tracking stolen pc. E’ un software open source, released under the GNU Public License v3.0 and developed natively for Linux, but also supported by Microsoft and Mac OS X. Prey helps us to rediscover our computer stolen sending emails to our address containing a real "photography"The status of the pc. Prey sends us information about: (more…)