Symbian make public part of the code

symbian_logo.jpg It 'a few days ago the news of the release of some parts of the code of the famous operating system for mobile phones and smartphones Licensed under the EPL "Eclipse Public License, a license open source which has some differences with the GPL. I quote below Wikipedia:

The Eclipse Public License is designed to be a business-friendly free software license and features weaker copyleft provisions than contemporary licenses such as the GNU General Public License (GPL). The receiver of EPL-licensed programs can use, modify, copy and distribute the work and modified versions, in some cases being obligated to release their own changes


Linux4one, dedicated distribution

Today we see an overview of Linux4one, a distribution based on LTS of Ubuntu optimized for the hardware of 'Acer Aspire One e netbook simili.


Linux4one developed in two versions: Full and Light. The version Full contains much of the official Ubuntu software, and includes the interface Gnome Netbook Remix"Developed by the same Canonical. In the version Light, it is present in Desktop Environment XFCE and much less software, in practice only what you need to shipping, chat and writing small documents. Both versions are optimized for reduce to a minimum the time expectation, both as regards the boot, as regards both the normal operation of netbook. (more…)

Alien will turn to “deb” in “rpm” and vice versa

Today we see a small handbook for the operation of "alien”, application that converts archives "deb"To Debian in “rpm"To RedHat, and vice versa. Clearly available only for GNU / Linux. Although it is a stable software and regularly updated, “alienshould not be used for the installation of packages important for the system. Alien offers an alternative if they do not exist compiled packages for your distribution, is not suitable to replace the system libraries. (more…)

Fotoxx, image editor

Today we see a small, but very useful program for organizing and manipulating photos. Fotoxx. Like all software treaty so far, Fotoxx is an open source, without constraints nor restrictions, available for all platforms (GNU/Linux, Windows e MacOS X). Fotoxx has the same features of Picasa (of Read more…

“Prey” for your laptop

In the previous post we have already talked about how important it is to maintain a certain amount of security on your PC, especially if there are within sensitive data the Personal Information we do not want to disclose.

As already said Prey is the best program that I have been able to find among the programs for tracking stolen pc. E’ un software open source, released under the GNU Public License v3.0 and developed natively for Linux, but also supported by Microsoft and Mac OS X. Prey helps us to rediscover our computer stolen sending emails to our address containing a real "photography"The status of the pc. Prey sends us information about: (more…)

Security: Truecrypt, rSync, Prey

Caution: This article or part of it It was integrated in 2017.

Today we are computer security. Maybe we do not know, but for those who do not use special devices to your pc is risk. If it is stolen, the thief would have free access to all sensitive data content. For this it is important to use some small measure. In the article we will deal with:

  • security not to lose the important data,
  • security not to disclose the sensitive data,
  • safety in case of theft data.

For each of these points there is a program suitable, indeed.. esise a program specially. Of course open-source. (more…)