The bizarre requests in the graphics industry

For some time now I'm running in a variety of (and for “several” I mean “a myriad of”) graphical ads in Itaila. More than the amount of ads, amaze me the skills required. Let's take a premise.

If I cook a cake is important is that at the end It is as good as I had it in mind before you start cooking, regardless of the fact that I use an electric oven, o of the largest gas, or that bake in the sun of mid-August 3pm. Similarly if I decide to buy a pair of shoes to play tennis me I'll find comfortable, resistant, that meet certain characteristics… no matter that I shop in a mall, in a shoe store or at the market. (more…)

Ciao Dingo!

Dingo, you have been a really nice “history”, brief; in just six months, but beautiful.

Thank you for having fun whenever inseguivi torch light, thank you for always did recognize your unique meow, thanks for all the times that you put on the foot of my parents' bed to sleep, thanks for all the times that just to come near me you sdraiavi on the desk, or worse on the keyboard, thanks for all the times that “strappavi” the stick from the hands of Applies to devour it in three bites, thank you for every time you played with the dog's tail, thanks for being such a great model shooting, thanks for all the times you played with the cables of my guitar, or with the green ball on the stairs of my house, thanks for all the times that you cleaned the dust from the nose “sniffavi” from the cellar (who knows where you'll be kicked out), thanks for all the times that I've got to drink from the toilet (that water had to be really good)… (more…)