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Extract the audio track from a video “ffmpeg”

Let's say you have a video from which we extract an audio track. The reasons may be the most varied, we might want to save a special effect in a movie (shot, outbreak, d'atmosphere song, famous phrase, etc.), or part of a song, the possibilities are endless.

Today let's see how you do with ffmpeg, the usual command-line tool that always shot at stake for encode video, slow them down, adapt them to my TV and more.


Changing the pitch of an audio file with Audacity

In today's tutorial we begin to delve into the world of editing digital audio. Let's start with a simple solution of the problem, problem that many people will ever encounter. How to change the pitch of a file (or of a part of file) lossless audio? The answer is "can not". Is required to change the pitch a little (laughable) loss of information, imperceptible, but it is better to know.

For this tutorial we will use the open source audio editor Audacity, and we will use this audio file.

First of all open Audacity and import the file: "File" - "Import" - "Audio".


“Level out” the volume of our MP3 library with MP3Gain

With the brief advice today we talk about music, or rather how to simplify a perennial problem of those who have a wide libreria MP3 in which each track is ripped to a different volume.

How many times has it happened to put our MP3 player playing and having random every time tinkering with the volume because a song "save", and the other does not feel? The solution is, and is called MP3Gain. MP3Gain is a program open source whose sole purpose is leveling (the technical term is correct "normalize") the output volume of an audio file.


He’s a Pirate!

In a few hours I was able to compose, based on some videos seen here and there, the soundtrack of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in a rock. Below is a video with the original soundtrack.

Praise the work of Hans Zimmer, that has been taking care of movie soundtracks DreamWorks.


Video games of the 80s

Today's post makes us do skip back 20 years, we get precisely the era of early arcade games. Who does not remember Super Mario, Space Invaders, Simcity the Pacman?

The video is very cute, and also realistic.

A real shame but with regard to the music.


Music: “adc”

We take a long section omitted for reasons other, especially of time: section "Music".

After the now more popular than achievement of "qbsc.mp3" rislascio now "adc.mp3", destined to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor.

Even in this case the short sound file has been realized only with products open source. OS, DAW, drum machine and tool in mastering used are open source software.

Good listening.


We change the “Hz” with ffmpeg

Some article ago I've had to adapt the mp3 to playing on the web. The flash player unfortunately only support sampling 44.100Hz, but I have always recorded my songs to a higher quality: 48.000Hz.

I tried some small programs with graphical interface, but I had to resign to the use of command line (in some cases it is almost essential). To convert my mp3s I used "ffmpeg", doubtless "the" program for multimedia on GNU / Linux.


Must have amp settings: examples

And since every promise is a promise here is the result of the equalization of a few articles ago.

AC/DC - Back in Black

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

Guns 'n Roses - Sweet Child of Mine


Must have amp settings

Today we talk about Electric Guitar, indeed the optimal settings to get the sound as close as possible to that of the famous artists.

Often we convince ourselves that for a sound "perfect" is necessary to have a multi-effect pedals, valvular, and a full rack, but it is often enough "play" a little with the equalizer amplifier.

The following settings are usually applied to amplifiers enough powerful (from 100The), ed a cure one clean sound particular, better if valvular. You'll still bring even more modest amplifiers with, which of course will not have the same yield. Clearly groped costs nothing and can be fun too.


Una gallery per il web open source: “(And)2”

e2.png Today I report a web gallery written in javascript (MooTools) fully automated. And2 Photogallery.

From the technical point of view this web gallery is one of the scripts simpler that one might implement, is sufficient specify the path to the directory containing the images within the configuration file. The images are automatically resized, are created automatically miniature, and it is even possible to show the metadata EXIF images. [more]

From the site ""It is possible to download (And)2 photogallery and (And)2 gallery pro. The first is absolutely open source, and to tell the webmaster's license will remain unchanged. The second is a parallel project (I think that draws upon much of the code from the first), but it is not open source.

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