A new: “MPD”

MPD in informatica è l’acronimo di “Music Player Daemon”, a first for the world of computing. Fin’ora siamo stati abituati a pensare ai player audio come programmi monolitici, potentially also very heavy, which take charge of all operations related to audio files. Per citare qualche esempio “Windows Read more…

Alien will turn to “deb” in “rpm” and vice versa

Estimated reading time: < 1 minuteToday we see a small handbook for the operation of "alien”, application that converts archives "deb"To Debian in “rpm"To RedHat, and vice versa. Clearly available only for GNU / Linux. Although it is a stable software and regularly updated, “alienshould not be used for the installation of packages important for the system. Alien offers an alternative if they do not exist compiled packages for your distribution, is not suitable to replace the system libraries. (more…)