Tutorial: The technique of “split-toning” with Gimp

split-toning_risultato.jpg The technique of split-toning consists in altering the natural colors of an image. Today we will see how to apply this technique in a few easy steps with Gimp. To understand this with an example photo shows the "before"And"after"Operation. [more]

First we choose a beautiful photo Whose su operating. Best if taken by us, otherwise Flickr and Panoramio are inexhaustible sources of photographs (if you publish them eye to comply with the licenses). (more…)

Buon San Valentino

San Valentino, the party of the lovers. If you have nothing better to do during Valentine's Day I recommend some "brush" for GIMP, of course consistent with the holidays. Heart Brush Set (Extended version). Author: “Easy Elements” Heart Brush Set. Author: “Obsidiandawn” Candy Hearts Transparent PNGs (shaped candies Read more…