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Proprietary software loves you… how you would like a parasite

Arrival in this reflection after happened on the Adobe website, to sales page Photoshop CC. I take the guise of the slogan of a commercial software to get to talk to the school system. No less than.

In the page footer sales photoshop found a box that reads "We love students & teachers"... and for some reason.


Tesla releases its patents with the open source license. But will this really happen?

Here is the news of the day - taken from OSVeichle.

Some of you may know that Tesla - the famous car manufacturer for electric cars - recently announced in a press conference (directly from the mouth of CEO Elon Musk) come - to approach the global interest that revolves around vehicles and elettcici, in general, to sustainable mobility - intend to allow access to their patents to other park users who will want to consult.

This is certainly great news, probably the most resonant in the history of modern mobility and the transport industry. At least as regards the last decades. Although this position seems to be difficult to understand according to the viewpoint typical of the companies that are trying to capture market share, this makes perfect sense if you look at the mission of Tesla: "accelerate the advent of sustainable mobility".


M5S: we need an open source software

With today's article I'm going a bit 'out of the sow, but do not want to open a flame with the subject Movement 5 Location, I just simply observe the facts. I see today that expelled through an online vote, with the 65% majority, Adele Gambaro, a senator of M5S with which I have no ties of any kind. Perhaps not everyone knows that if the Gambaro did not want to resign could continue to occupy the chair that already occupies, although consistency wants you to resign.

My purpose is to be political judgment will not, but only a reflection


“Train for Life”

Today's article is separated from the normal line of the blog, but I feel the need to write it in spite of everything.

E 'with great sadness that I hear that a few days ago was registered what could become a new order signed by the Ministers of Education Gelmini and La Russa of Defense (I would prefer to call the Minister of War), paramilitaries to introduce courses in high schools.


The surprising truth motivates us

Today I will insert a genuine article. Let me point out just a video that I hope will reflect on what the money weights in our lives, and about how much people are trying not to weigh.

The surprising truth motivates us


Symbian make public part of the code

symbian_logo.jpg It 'a few days ago the news of the release of some parts of the code of the famous operating system for mobile phones and smartphones Licensed under the EPL "Eclipse Public License, a license open source which has some differences with the GPL. I quote below Wikipedia:

The Eclipse Public License is designed to be a business-friendly free software license and features weaker copyleft provisions than contemporary licenses such as the GNU General Public License (GPL). The receiver of EPL-licensed programs can use, modify, copy and distribute the work and modified versions, in some cases being obligated to release their own changes