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Today we talk about Directory Lister: a small package that can be installed in a minute on your own server. The package allows you to view the files contained in the installation directory.

Today we got to the beta 3, released under the MIT license. The only Directory Lister requirements are:

  • a PHP version equal to or greater than the 7.2
  • (optional) the extension “zip” to download all content in an archive file
  • (optional)JUDGMENT” and “fileinfo” to format the README

The installation, as I said, it is extremely simple. You need to download the package from the official website, unpack it, upload the unpacked directory to the web server and we're done.

For those wishing to change its appearance or behavior, a text file must be edited. I suggest you take a look to the documentation (in inglese). Being the complete project, but rather simple the possible configurations are not many.

Note that this package does not integrate an authentication system. To overcome this problem I wrote a dedicated article on securing a directory with Apache based user / password authentication (.htaccess and .htpasswd).

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