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LibreOffice Calc is a profoundly different program from Writer. Calc is a spreadsheet, designed to record and process data. Similarly to Writer we can set the page number directly in the footer, which, however, will not be visible until we activate the print preview. We will use LibreOffice 7.0.3.

In Calc the header and footer are automatically active. The name of the sheet is shown in the central part of the header, usually “Sheet 1”, while in the central part of the footer the page number will be shown: “Page 1”. I show the print preview below.

You can change the header and footer with the button “Format page” present in the preview window.

The window that opens will be roughly like the one you would find in Writer. By clicking on “Edit” you will have access to the preferences related to the footer. You will be able to decide whether to align the content to the left, centered or right and you will have access to special field commands (dynamically generated, such as the number of pages, the current page, to date, the hour etc.).

Caution: the print order will give priority to vertical content. So the first printed pages will be on the first column, then the following columns will come in that order.

To change this behavior, just click on the tab “Sheet” in the page formatting window and change the settings in the section “Page sequence“.

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