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If you are thinking of a quick and easy way to create and manage your online content, WordPress could be for you. It has been used as a blog engine for several years, but also as a CMS and today it is the most used content manager in the world.

During installation you will be able to configure the first administrator account, with which you can manage the whole site in solitude, or distribute some tasks to other possible users.

Let's quickly see what possibilities you will have:


Who controls the blog / the site will have this type of account. The possibilities of modification for those who hold such a high level are total. The administrator can not only create, rework or delete the contents, but it has the ability to operate on plugins, on the topics and on the “rights” of other users.

There is no higher security level than this.


It can create, modify or delete all articles or pages on the blog / site, even content that does not belong to its user. He can intervene on the comments, change, add or delete tags, categories and multimedia content.

He cannot make changes on the theme, sui plugin, add or remove them.


In addition to being able to create, edit or delete only his articles has the ability to upload multimedia content.

It cannot intervene on the contents of other users, nor change the settings of themes or plugins.


It can only create, edit or delete your blog content / site, but he cannot publish them. The publication will have to be done by a higher able user.

He cannot in any way modify the contents of others or publish articles in the publication queue. He is also barred from making changes to themes and plugins.

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He is nothing more than a blog subscriber. You can comment on articles and receive newsletters like any occasional visitor. With the difference that it remains updated to the contents of the blog because it is registered.

It has no access to any backend functions.


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