Temp-throttle: a CLI utility to avoid PC fever

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These days there is no need to get a fever, they weren't 37,5 degrees. Occasionally our PC catches a fever. When the processes are many, expensive and the PC is not exactly the last one, we risk overheating the CPU too much, causing the computer to shutdown automatically to avoid damage to electronic components. This can be inconvenient, but it is for our benefit. If the computer did not turn off we would risk irreversible damage or even having to throw the computer away (or even just to damage the battery and have to buy a new one).

There is a command line utility for linux that allows you to set the maximum temperature above which the CPU should not go. Upon reaching this threshold all processes will be limited (and consequently slow down) to allow processes to complete without overheating the CPU.

It is temp-throttle ed è un piccolo progetto a riga di comando ospitato su github.

Per utilizzarlo dobbiamo scaricarlo ed estrarlo in una directory a cui abbiamo accesso. Lo si può anche mettere fra i file personali nella home, ma preferisco tenere separati gli applicativi opzionali mettendoli nella directory /opt.

Una volta estratto avviarlo è molto semplice. L’unico parametro da passargli sarà la temperatura massima espressa in gradi celsius oltre alla quale non deve andare. Nel caso in esempio impostiamo 80 degrees.

sudo ./ 80



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