Server DLNA for linux: which one to choose?

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Linux from the media point of view has always remained a step behind the competition. With few exceptions the best multimedia software, are photo editing or video editing, They are developed exclusively (the quasi) for Mac or Windows.

Linux is however unbeatable, and for many years the most widely used system, for everything about the servers. Today we deal with DLNA media server: particular file server that can be accessed via DLNA compatible client.

What is DLNA?

La Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) It is an international collaboration between computer industries and mobile equipment companies, with the aim of developing a common standard for communication over the local network of multiple audio and video devices. The DLNA standard is currently adopted by over 250 companies; one of the founders of the collaboration can be cited Intel, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Huawei and Toshiba.

Today we see the most popular open source software for streaming to DLNA client management (whether computer, tablet, smartphone, tvbox, smart TV or other).


Gerbera stems from MediaTomb project, now over. It is a small software for Linux easy to install if “packaged” for your distribution. Its GitHub are instructions for installing it from scratch and also the distro oriented packages.

Once installed and configured Gerbera can be set via web interface at the door 49152 (edited freely with configuration files). The web interface also allows us to add or remove content (file o intere directory) to the playlist. By then the client will choose the content.

Look here:  Music: "adc"

Gebera once installed and configured is an impeccable software. You lose some’ of time trying to figure out how you configure, but once you do is great.


MiniDLNA is an equally modest open source software that can be easily installed on major linux distributions. It is the main DLNA server software for Ubuntu.

Instead of Gerbera, MiniDLNA does not include a content management interface. Once installed will be fully configured via the command line and the files to be shared with DLNA client are all those contained in a directory specified in the configuration file.

The executable will be launched under the program (the same that will be used to insert MiniDLNA between the startup applications:


The configuration file instead /etc/minidlna.conf and will be modified with administrative privileges.

To share a particular position you need to add or remove the comment to this line:


Instead of “/path/to/files” will insert the path to the containing directory, but instead of “KIND” will go in one of these letters: In, A, P, PV (Video, Audio, Photo, Photo+Video).

You can also assign a name to the server to recognize the network.


And then?

And then it will be like to die… In this article we talked about a few software to start a DLNA server with linux, there are others even more complete and more user friendly, I chose these two because trying them I found them sufficiently simple and open source.

And you used them?


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