VeraCrypt: the successor of TrueCrypt

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This article was published more than a year ago, there may have been developments.
Please take this into account.

In 2009 I wrote an article on security. The best that I could find online to encrypt their files was TrueCrypt, at the time was a safe & software. I can not say the same thing seven years later. The development has been arrested in 2014, but good news there. I could recommend a list of software that do the same thing, but I would not do is leave open questions and invite people to spend time (time that I have already spent). For this reason I will not go further and recommend a project fork that has been followed to the present day. It's called VeraCrypt (the latest release to date is dated October 2016).

In addition to being considered his successor, TrueCrypt performs the same functions and adds security to the algorithms used for the system partition and encryption. these improvements, according to developers, make the user immune to new brute-force attacks.

VeraCrypt uses 30 times more iterations to encrypt containers and partitions TrueCrypt. This means that it takes longer to open the boot partition and containers, but not affect the use of the application.

VeraCrypt is free and open source, and always will. The code is regularly verified by independent researchers. Since it is a TrueCrypt fork, compatible with old volumes and partitions created with it is guaranteed.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to should dwell an invisible operating system along with a visible operating system. When the user will be forced to provide a password to decrypt the operating system simply enter the system password visible, the invisible remains hidden.

Look here:  Working with Google docs, as if we were working in local

Installare VeraCrypt su Linux è molto semplice. Per prima cosa occorre unload the Linux version the official site and unzip the archive.

We enter the unpacked directory and we launch executables adapted to our system (x84 the x86).

sudo ./veracrypt-1.17-setup-gui-x64

Will appear message. The first answer “Install VeraCrypt“, the second enables us to accept the license agreements.

the installation directory will be displayed in a separate window. After a few minutes the software will be installed and running. To launch it we will find the software between applications or by typing its name.


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