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Arrival in this reflection after happened on the Adobe website, to sales page Photoshop CC. I take the guise of the slogan of a commercial software to get to talk to the school system. No less than.

In the page footer sales photoshop found a box that reads “We love students & teachers”… and for some reason.

“Students and teachers” They are the first to get used to the use of closed source software. If we take them from small can not do without us. And I take as an example Adobe, but examples abound, first of all the same in the same way that Microsoft offers licenses to school more affordable prices.


If we believe that they do it for philanthropy against students (understandably penniless) wrong. Large companies with a vision that goes a little’ more the day after tomorrow, offer licenses at low cost just to get used to the young students for the use of their technologies. When you cease to be students will only use those because they have been taught nothing. That 60% Discount is not repayable, but it is an investment in the future. It is a discount on a student today that somehow you will ensure future purchases of a professional of tomorrow.

I'm not saying that we must get rid of Photoshop and Windows, but that at least in schools should be if only ventilated alternatives noncommercial (I hope that the prof. do not take bribes from Microsoft… eheh).

Look here:  TCPDF: a PHP library to convert web pages to PDF

Take for example a tertiary institution nontechnical. Professional institutes such as, those who should I formed for direct insertion into the labor. These guys have to learn to stay in the office, type texts with ten fingers (drafting business letters, estimates, budgets, etc..). The computer room will have a computer for each student and the hardware is a cost that we can not break down, but every PC provides a different license Microsoft, usually operating system and office suite clearly discounted, but always pay.

Do you believe that Photoshop is not taught in high school? Imagine… we also write books. Other license granted, other costs for PA.

We want to mention, always in vocational schools to address commercial, the weekly hour in the company of '”expert”? It should be a professional, most of the time is transformed into an hour in which “learn how to make a website”. This in my opinion should be an optional extra-curricular activities, not at all interested “make a website” and definitely not a requirement that a prospective employer will.

I wonder if this story will ever read somewhere head teacher or a professor interested. My advice is to visit the site (acronym for Open Source Alternatives) and to check the availability of open source software alternative to commercial. You will need a small change in habits, but the value of the consideration is priceless.


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