Video deshake con Linux: stabilize a shaky video with Transcode pt. 2

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This article was published more than a year ago, there may have been developments.
Please take this into account.

Whole an article in the 2013 which was the subject of stabilization of shaky videos.

Notwithstanding that the best outcome would be to use one stabilizer physical (a simple grip with a weight at the lower end) or a accelerometer solidarity (there are those who have made a kinect).

Also in this case we will use Transcode, so if we have not installed this should be done:

sudo apt-get install transcode

As for the video with Transcode deshake this command will analyze the video “tracktest.mp4“:

transcode -J stabilize=shakiness=6:accuracy=15:show=1,preview -i tracktest.mp4 -y null,null -o dummy

While this analysis apply to video, producing the stabilized video “track.avi“:

transcode -J transform=smoothing=30:interpol=3:sharpen=1  -i tracktest.mp4 -y xvid -o track.avi

Transcode works with any type of format, It is very versatile but does not exist a GUI. Apparently in this way it is obvious to the problem raised by me in my old article on the lines of the final video.

The result is satisfactory, even though the video is not the most focused I've ever shot.

Look here:  Small dictionary of the command line in Linux


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