There is a landscape portrait in the background of Windows XP?

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It seemed right to celebrate the retirement of long-lived operating system from Microsoft so far with a post that reveals a curiosity.

The urban legend that the photo would default on XP desktop has been taken directly from Bill Gates during a holiday in Switzerland. In fact, the authorship of the photos has always been recognized as the professional photographer Charles O’Rear, that eventually passed along a highway in California and was struck by the vision of a lush green hill with blue sky.

It is also known the exact location where the photo was taken and is easily navigated tramite Google Street View. It seems that the field is, then and now, used as a vineyard, except that towards the end of the 90s a pest destroyed the crop and the owner had to wait until the following year. Curious about the fact that the real architect of the lawn has been seen in the world a parassita.

Apparently she was chosen by Microsoft for its colors that was heavily influenced by the interface of XP: verde e blu.

Put a little’ editing and you're done.

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